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Satoshi Hikari/Hiwatari

Journal of a Cursed Prodigy

December 14th, 2030

August 1st, 2030

March 14th, 2030

November 13th, 2029

Pokemon Trainer Information @ 09:05 pm

Trainer Info:
Name: Satoshi Hiwatari/Hikari
Age: 15
Affiliation: Trainer
ID Number: 7261-6356-6112
Occupation: N/A
Location: Floaroma Town


Pokeball x 3
Guide to Gyms
Ace Trainer outfit
Camping Kit

Pokédollars: 2700

Pokemon Information

Trapinch ♂ | Lvl 14 | Arena Trap | Brave; Strong-willed
Sand Attack

Shinx ♂ | Lvl 14 | Intimidate | Docile; Capable of taking hits

Sentret ♀ | Lvl 10 | Keen Eye | Serious; Often dozes off
Defense Curl
Quick Attack

November 11th, 2029

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Questionaire @ 08:43 pm

1) You discover a secret passage in a basement. What do you do?
Take some notes and then investigate after doing some research into the matter. Also, try not to let anyone enter the passage unprepared. It could lead to complications.

2) Have you ever wanted to communicate with aliens from another planet?
...no, I haven't,

3) Would you feel comfortable stating your opinion to a very important person?
I would. The opinion needing to be said is most important, especially if the topic is a serious one.

4) Do you like to do things according to plan?
Yes. Planning is important when possible.

5) Do you think that lies are sometimes necessary?
I do.

Satoshi the SmeargleCollapse )

December 18th, 2027

Relationships Chart @ 07:20 am

Now that relationships are everywhere...Collapse )

? = confused on
♦ = friendly with
▲ = strongly dislikes/hates

February 17th, 2012

Eleventh Feather ~ Working Hard at Something @ 10:41 am

Current Mood: busy busy


I'm sorry to say that the bookstore will be closed for a few days while I take care of some things elsewhere in the city. In the meantime, the library is always an option.

If there is something you need to be able to keep at home, let me know and I'll set aside time in the store for you.

[Private to Heero and Sly || Very Hard to Hack]

Are you free at all over the next few days?

[Private to Daisuke || Very Hard to Hack]

Niwa, I don't know how often I'll be there until I finish. If you need, contact me.

January 30th, 2012

Tenth Feather ~ Relapse @ 10:19 pm

Current Mood: drained drained

[Accidental Video]

[The feed clicks on to show a bark and a blue paw and a wagging tail. Then it swings around as though the 3STP is dangling from something. There's a crash offscreen and the view shifts to show Satoshi leaning on a table in obvious pain before he collapses in a dead faint.

The device is dropped as his puppy hurries over, barking and whining and tugging on his sleeve to try to wake him up. Satoshi doesn't move though.

January 23rd, 2012

Ninth Feather ~ It's a Puppy? @ 07:40 pm

Current Mood: curious curious

[Accidental Video]

[The recording starts to a close-up of a furry blue face and sniffing noises, followed by pawing and an almost squeaky bark. The face draws back enough for the puppy on the 3STP to begin washing the screen.]

December 30th, 2011

Eighth Feather ~ Back and Bad News @ 05:56 pm

Current Mood: determined serious


Two more have died recently. Found in two different parts on the East side of the city. I would advise caution when traveling alone in the city.

On a lighter note, the bookstore will be reopening tomorrow.

Satoshi Hikari/Hiwatari

Journal of a Cursed Prodigy